It's Time to Accept the Damage Smoking Causes - Before it's Too Late!

Smoking cigarettes causes damage to the lungs and to the rest of the body in several ways.

Some of it is physical and some is psychological. Some is extreme such as lung cancer or emphysema and some is not so obvious to the rest of the world such as impotence or infertility.

There is strong medical evidence now to prove that pregnant women who smoke are risking the baby having a cleft lip or palate.  There is also risk of still birth.

Male Infertility

It is a medical fact that smoking harms the blood vessels that supply the penis - this means that male smokers have more chance of being impotent. You would think that information would be enough to make all men quit! It is believed that around 120 000 men aged between 30 to 50 in the United Kingdom are impotent due to smoking.

Most people talk about lung cancer as if that were the worst thing that can happen to them - but it is possible to survive cancer.  I believe that just living with the struggle to breathe - gradually losing the ability to join in with everyday activities is as bad as getting a lung disease.

Growing to a ripe old age with your health must be incentive enough to quit. 

I will list some of the awful things that smoking does to you and will add to this list as I find more evidence of other illnesses or ailments.

Smoking causes:

Asthma, backaches, bronchitis, cancer, cataracts, circulation disorders, diverticulosis, emphysema, endometriosis, an extremely unattractive deep voice in ladies, excess phlegm which can't be cleared, gum problems, hangovers, heartburn, heart disease, hypertension, impotence, infertility, miscarriage phlebitis, premature aging (skin like leather), pulmonary hypertension, sleep disorders, sore throats, stress, tinnitus, ulcers, varicose veins........

If you have visited my pages concerned with anxiety you will notice that it seems we only get anxiety when we try to quit smoking but wouldn't you think that looking at a list of the damage smoking can cause we would have anxiety attacks because we smoke?

Apart from listing specific ailments or illnesses smoking also causes an over-all lack of well-being.

Unfortunately because there is a slow and gradual decline in our health when we smoke we don't notice the deterioration - not until we quit.

That is the thing I have noticed the most since I quit smoking; just feeling well, having energy, breathing easier even when walking up a steep hill and psychologically I have more self confidence and self esteem and I no longer feel stress in my life.

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