Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy is for people who struggle with quitting smoking "cold turkey." 

If you just read about the "Nicotine Monster" you now have a good understanding of why it has to die and why I don't entirely agree with nicotine replacement therapy. Having said that I also said in my introduction that we are all different and what works for some people may not work for others.

With so many "stop smoking products" on the market perhaps there is something that is perfectly suited to you. The point of telling you about these products is so that you can make an informed decision.

The first nicotine replacement product to arrive on the market in a really big way was the nicotine gum.

It is still a favourite with many people but some smokers who didn't like the look of chewing all the time preferred to suck on the lozenges which arrived on the market shortly after. And then of course came the arrival of nicotine patches   followed immediately afterwards by the inhalers for those people who still need the feeling of dragging on a cigarette.

Of course now there is the amazing electronic cigarette which, if it had been available in Australia a few years ago I am sure I would have tried. It really is the closest thing to smoking and if you really can't quit the nicotine addiction then at least you are not putting all the other stuff into your system.

In my opinion the best way to quit smoking cigarettes is to stop putting nicotine into your body. For some people the thought of trying to cope by stopping the supply of nicotine is just too daunting for them and many people suffer anxiety attacks at the thought of it. Using hypnosis to deal with the anxiety can really help. The same can be said for the fear of gaining weight which can also cause people to take up smoking again.  Isn't it strange that as smokers we never suffer anxiety about the fear of getting emphysema or some other lung disease?

I meet many people who are using different forms of nicotine replacement therapy but not many who are confident about their success. One of the nurses I work with is using nicotine gum and she has been doing so for months.  She told me that she quit smoking but now she can't quit the gum! I didn't quit by using nicotine I quit cold turkey but along the way I tried everything before I finally understood the awful truth about what I was.

As soon as it really clicked that I was a drug addict - nothing more - nothing less - and that I was addicted to nicotine I realised that I was going to have to endure nicotine withdrawal and that meant not putting anymore nicotine into my system!

Alternatively there are prescription drugs such as Zyban or Champix which do not involve nicotine at all.

Take the time to read each of the information pages on the different nicotine replacement products and decide whether any of them is right for you.

The feeling of finally being a non-smoker (although I prefer to think of myself as an ex-smoker) is absolutely amazing!

Quitting is hard and it can be lonely as well especially if you are surrounded by non-smokers but you CAN do it!

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