Where Was the Electronic Cigarette When I Needed It?


The "Electronic Cigarette" was first developed in 1963. It is a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette which is safe and harmless. As it still delivers nicotine to the system it comes under the heading of nicotine replacement therapy. This amazing little gadget is composed of three components: a cartridge which holds the liquid to be vaporized; an atomiser which is a heating element needed to vaporise the liquid and a power supply which is a rechargeable battery.

The cartridge is a small, usually disposable plastic container, with openings on each end. One end is placed in the user's mouth, while the other attaches to the atomiser (heating element). When the liquid in a cartridge has run out, the user has the option of refilling the cartridge or replacing it.

Contents of liquid solutions vary, but their common aspects include water and flavourings in a propylene glycol or glycerine base.

Nicotine is also included in solutions intended to fulfill a nicotine replacement role. The nicotine comes in varying strengths to suit the smoker's needs and the liquid is also available in a variety of "flavours." There has even been an attempt to copy the flavour of particular cigarette brands so if you are a Marlboro smoker you can purchase that flavour.

There are different makes of electronic cigarette on the market it is also known as the smokeless cigarette and you can get a comparison of what's available at smokeless-cigarettes-online.  I have some friends who use the electronic cigarette but not because they are trying to quit smoking. They use it to combat the nicotine withdrawal they suffer when they are in situations where they are not allowed to smoke. In public places where smoking is forbidden it is unusual to see this vapour from the electronic cigarette being exhaled by the user because at first glance it looks like smoke but then the vapour which has no smell simply dissipates.

I can't make up my mind about this product. On the one hand if it stops people from smoking and therefore they avoid lung cancer and other lung diseases then obviously that is fantastic! On the other hand if they are going to puff on the electronic cigarette indefinitely as a replacement for smoking and thereby continue to be addicted to nicotine, will it only be a matter of time before they return to smoking in a moment of weakness? You know yourself better than anyone - if you think this product could be the answer for you then go for it! My problem is that I am supposed to be telling everyone to quit smoking and to stop being addicted to nicotine but this product won't do that for you.

The risk with people using this product is that if they find themselves caught in a situation where the cartridge has run out and therefore no nicotine or they have forgotten to recharge the battery perhaps it will be too easy and convenient to buy a packet of cigarettes?

As with all nicotine replacement therapies; you are keeping the addiction alive and even though you are still experiencing the health benefits achieved by quitting smoking you are continuing with an addiction to a drug and therefore making yourself vulnerable to taking up smoking again.

Of all the nicotine replacement therapies this is probably the one which delivers the closest sensation to actually smoking.

There is a higher initial outlay when you purchase it for the first time but compared to the long term cost of smoking then the cost of this little gadget is not too bad. 



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