How to Quit Smoking

The fact that you are searching for help about how to quit smoking means you have finally realised that it is time to give up cigarettes for good.  Perhaps you are already feeling the ill-effects of smoking or maybe you just don't enjoy it anymore but are completely hooked.

When smokers say that they know people who still smoke and are elderly I ask them this:

"Do you want to grow old like this?:" 


"Or do you want to grow old like this?:"

I know which one I would prefer.  Even if smoking doesn't kill you and you make it to a ripe old age I can guarantee it won't be pain free.  You will be struggling to breathe in between puffing on that cigarette and life won't be fun and active!

You already know that smoking is bad for you and I am sure you know about the various lung diseases that smoking can cause but did you know that your body can repair itself?

Did you know that your chance of dying from smoking related heart disease actually reduces as soon as you quit smoking?

Did you know about the existence of health remedies that will help you to relax when quitting makes you anxious?

Did you know there are many methods to quit you just need to know how to quit smoking!?  

How to Quit Smoking - Help and Support

And - that's where my website comes in.  Everything available to help you to quit whether it be a commercially produced drug or a homeopathic remedy I will endeavour to inform you directly or link you up with it.

Some people are motivated by money, some by health, some by control issues and so I am going to present to you the reasons to quit smoking from all angles - hopefully something will get through to you and inspire you enough to move from knowing it is time to quit smoking to finding out how to quit smoking.  

When you finally make it - and you will - the feeling of achievement will be incredible.  I quit 7 years ago and I am still completely impressed with myself!

So - all the very best of luck and if you are not sure where to start here are a few suggestions:

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