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Have you ever wanted to work from home? Do you ever wonder how it is that some people have their own websites and others don't?

I did - all the time. I met a woman younger than me who handed me her business card which was for her website about finding tradespeople or business services that were "female friendly". She was making a fantastic living as a work from home mum.

Huh??? This woman was earning an income from her website and not a bad income either.

The thing is - and I don't want to sound rude but she just didn't seem like the kind of person who would know how to do that and she was busy with four kids under the age of ten. So - I asked myself why can't I have a website? I am not a stupid person (qualified nurse) and I have some life experience - how come I don't know how to do this?

Even though I work as a nurse I have always wanted to work from home as well rather than just doing more shifts at the hospital. I have a child and a husband and being able to work from home seemed like the answer to finding that extra income.

I asked around and even asked my brother-in-law who has a roofing company which has a website and he told me he paid $4000 to have the website created and then he pays ongoing fees for "web-hosting" - I still didn't understand fully but I believe that if you don't know something then go out and learn it.

I started "Googling" about how to have a website and found myself bombarded with so much information about monthly web-hosting costs or yearly fees but nothing about how to create my own website and have control over the editing process.

That was when I kept seeing Solo Build It promos and it seemed to me that this was the only organisation that understood that I am virtually computer illiterate but still want to have a website. This means someone would have to take me by the hand and lead me through every step of the process. This is what Solo Build It does.

You start by sitting comfortably and listening to a video about building an e-business and you learn that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme! I can't stress that enough - this is the way of the tortoise; slow and steady wins the race!

Seven months down the track and I have this website (that I am quite proud of) with 50 pages of content and growing. I am starting to earn money through advertising and affiliate sales and I can see my traffic growing every month.

I cannot begin to describe to you the incredible feeling of achievement I have when I tell people I have a website. Also, because the topic is about how to quit smoking I get a little buzz every time I think I might have helped someone to quit.

I am sure that you have a knowledge about something that you want to share with the world via a website and with Solo Build It you can do it and make an income at the same time. Other people who simply had a passion now have their own websites.

What's Your Passion?

When I finally decided that Solo Build It was legitimate I was worried about the cost as it is $300 per year but Solo Build It lets you pay $30 per month (yes it is cheaper to pay yearly but I didn't have $300) and with a bit of juggling of the finances I could find $30 per month. You have to remember that with time the website will be earning so much money this will seem like nothing.

If you want to find out more about Solo Build It you can find them at Solo Build It

Give it some thought - it is really quite life changing - I have learned so much in the past seven months it has been an amazing journey and I it is great to be able to work from home.

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