Reasons to Stop Smoking!

Number 1. of the Reasons to Stop Smoking:


For the health benefits in detail visit my webpage on that subject but if you were to be totally honest with yourself you know what smoking is doing to you. You can feel it. The first step to quitting is facing up to the truth and stop pretending.

Number 2.

Your family (and living longer for them) and family health. If you smoke around your family members you cause them ill-health through passive smoking and your children are more likely to take up smoking later on.

Number 3.

Money - you will save a bundle if you quit smoking and the price of smokes increases constantly.

Number 4.

Smell - smokers smell! The smoke is in your clothes and your hair. Quit and smell sweet!

Number 5.

Your breath - Quit and kiss more!

Number 6.

Your image - Smoking does NOT look cool!

Number 7.

It is inconvenient to smoke - find a public place to smoke without upsetting everyone else.

Number 8.

Laugh without coughing. Remember what that was like?

Number 9.

Quit and you can stop constantly clearing your throat to talk. In fact your whole husky throat thing is NOT sexy!

Number 10.

Control - be in control of your life! Don't be a drug addict!Check out my webpage on nicotine addiction

Number 11.

No more worrying about smoking - thinking about smoking - thinking about quitting smoking! BORING!

Number 12.

Pet health - smoking around your pets affects their health too! The things you will never know about your pet's life - could Fido have lived longer if he wasn't a victim of passive smoking? Of all the reasons to stop smoking this should rank high!

Number 13.

Premature aging - lines around your mouth - skin like leather from all the chemicals.

Number 14.

Stained teeth - not much point paying to have teeth whitened if you are going to keep staining them.

Number 15.

Regain your sense of smell and taste - everything tastes delicious!

Number 16.

More active now that you can breathe! Take up that sport or hobby now than you have more aerobic capacity.

Number 17.

Fertility - how do you know your smoking isn't preventing you from falling pregnant?

Okay - I am sure I can think of more reasons to stop smoking so as I do I will add them to the list.

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