Natural Therapies To Help You Quit Smoking

There are many natural therapies on the market these days to help you when giving up smoking.

A natural therapy means anything that does not contain nicotine.  When you quit cold turkey it is quite possible you will need help to get though the pain and anxiety of withdrawal. 

Most therapies offered are aimed at stress reduction and relaxation and in that regard I believe they can help in a big way.

When the "nicotine monster" is having a huge tantrum inside your head it might pay you to seek out a massage, some acupuncture or even a session of hypnosis - anything in fact that will get you through the toughest times.


Hypnosis is a great therapy for many areas of your life, treating stress and anxiety for example.  People use hypnosis for dieting, quitting smoking, any addictions in fact.  Be careful to chose a reputable hypnotist and if possible get a referral from a friend.


Herbal cigarettes are available from some health shops and can provide some relief because they give you something to do with your hands if you are really missing the act of smoking a cigarette.  There are several types and flavours of herbal cigarette available online as well - clicking on the link will take you to a website that offers quite a variety.

Personally I could not get used to smoking a herbal cigarette but many people enjoy them.  Even though they are herbal it is important to remember that you are still inhaling some form of smoke into your lungs and this will still irritate the fragile alveoli and cause a cough.

Relaxation and Learning to Breathe  

Many people say that they took up yoga in order to relax and also to learn how to breathe again.  Smokers learn to shallow breathe and forget how to breathe properly and this increases the risk of anxiety.  Breathing correctly can help you in many ways - it sounds so simple but it's true!

I haven't smoked for 7 years now and I feel as if it has taken me a long time to learn how to breathe correctly.  This could be one of the most important therapies you follow because it is so beneficial in so many ways.  There are many forms of yoga one to check out is Kundalini Yoga which is very good for stress as well.


There are many interesting websites about acupuncture and many people claim that, as a therapy, it can be used to quit smoking.  I believe that acupuncture can help with stress and relaxation and therefore extremely valuable as an aid to quitting.  It is important that you use a reputable registered acupuncturist.  The great thing about all natural therapies is that you can't hurt yourself by trying them and will more than likely benefit in some way. 

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