My Tips for Losing Weight.

This page is all about losing weight that you gained after quitting smoking.

First of all it is important to realise that women only need 41grams of fat to get them through the day and men need 71grams. This means that if you did no exercise but just existed you would need these amounts of fat just to survive. To breathe, to pump blood around your body, to make new cells; all the things that go on in your body happen because you took in some fuel (calories or kilojoules) or energy with a fat component of not more than 41grams for women and 71grams for men.

As soon as you start to consume more fat than your body needs your body will then start to store it. And as soon as you consume less fat than you need your body starts to burn the fat you already have. How simple is that? You will start losing weight.

Now, if you decide that you should get up off the couch and move your body around you will burn even more fat! And we all know about the benefits of exercise not just with losing weight but also to become more fit and therefore healthy.

Next you need to think about calories or kilojoules. You might think that you can get away with cutting out the fat from your diet and replace it with sugar - wrong! When you do this your body will use the extra sugar in your diet for energy before it will burn fat because it is easier for the body to burn sugar first so you must keep your sugar intake down as well as fat intake.

You do not have to become a gym junky to lose weight and get fit. I started dancing around my lounge room and that was before someone invented Zumba! I cut a piece of rope long enough to do some skipping out on the patio and started off skipping 10 times collapsing in a heap and worked my way up to being able to skip 40 times. I did squats, sit-ups, lunges and I purchased a step from K-Mart for $12 and a cheap set of hand weights. I started losing weight in the first couple of weeks and after 3 months I really noticed the difference in my body.

If you need some extra help there is a great website you can check out to get a flat stomach and get some great tips on healthy eating as well.

As far as dieting goes I don't believe in them - instead you need to change the way you eat for life. Don't deny yourself the things you love just save them as treats and have them every now and then - beware of binge eating. If you deny yourself the good things you are more likely to binge! Drink healthy juices (being mindful of their sugar content) and of course - water.

It is not complicated! Eat healthy food - monitor your fat and calorie intake and move your body around!

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