Natural Anxiety Treatments are Extremely Effective.

Natural anxiety treatments can be very effective and a much safer way to deal with anxiety attacks.

First of all if you feel yourself becoming anxious because the "nicotine monster" is giving you a hard time try this acupressure technique;

Massage the webbed area between your thumb and index finger of your left hand. Really knead it like a lump of dough for about 5 minutes. It may hurt but that is all the more reason for doing it.

Gradually the pain will ease and so should the tightness in your shoulders and chest. With time you should have no pain at all and there should be an improvement in your overall well-being.

The great thing about this anxiety treatment therapy is that you can do it anywhere.

If you are feeling down and sluggish try a pick me up for a burst of energy without the tension that usually goes with it. Instead of reaching for caffeine or an energy drink simply place 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water and drink it down.

This can take a while to get used to as it is strong stuff but you can increase the amount as you get used to it. Cayenne is extremely beneficial to the system and will give you a burst of energy. The flavour also gives your mouth something to focus on rather than a cigarette.

Caffeine and chocolate are contributors to stress so you might want to consider switching the coffee for herbal tea and the chocolate for carob. Be mindful of feeling depressed - I personally felt that giving up my cigarettes was a big enough ask without giving up my chocolate as well!

Anxiety is improved if you are getting a good nights sleep so you might like to try a natural sleep remedy such as a lavender pot pourri sachet that can be placed in your pillow slip.

Another good sleep remedy is nutmeg; half a nutmeg crushed and steeped in hot water for 10 minutes and drunk 10 minutes before bed or some nutmeg oil rubbed onto the forehead.

Or, try some warmed natural grape juice with a little honey.

With the money you are saving from quitting smoking a fantastic anxiety treatment to splash out on is a regular weekly massage. Nothing can compare to this wonderful natural therapy but we just don't treat ourselves often enough.

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