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Quit now - you know you want to. Cigarette smoking or the smoking of tobacco is not only an addiction but it is also harmful to your health. It is detrimental to, not only your physical wellness but also to your emotional self confidence and self esteem.

When you smoke you risk the health of your lungs from emphysema, lung cancer and many other medical afflictions. In pregnancy you risk damaging your unborn child. There are many quit smoking aids on the market which you must consider trying if you cannot quit "cold turkey",

The effects of smoking also extend to cancer of the throat and tongue but not too many smokers give a thought to these cancers. Teenagers would never start smoking if they fully understood the damage they could do to themselves and teen smoking is still a major cause of concern world wide.

The amount of times the phrase "how to quit smoking" is "Googled" every day is a clear indication that millions of people who smoke are not happy and desperately want to quit and quit now!

Many large companies are making huge profits from the sale of smoking cessation products and there are literally thousands of websites offering quit smoking tips, quit smoking aids and advertising quit smoking programs. Quit now and stop feeding your money to huge corporations.

Pharmaceutical companies are not only getting richer from nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotrol inhalers etc now they are manufacturing Zyban and Champix (Chantix) and sales of these drugs are huge.

The bottom line is this; there is no easy way to stop smoking but you must. You must stop smoking as soon as possible for your health, for your finances, for self improvement and to regain self control of your life.

It is your body, your life and you are the most important person in the world so QUIT NOW!

I quit seven years ago and I curse the day I ever started smoking.  I am a lot healthier and get one cold every two years on average.  I never cough and I can run up the hill at the end of my street whereas when I was a smoker I couldn't walk up it without stopping for a breath.  My biggest regret in life is that I started smoking and continued to smoke for the next 28 years.

Life goes so quickly - it seems like one minute I was a silly 15 year old thinking I was so cool lighting up a smoke and now I am 50 and wondering if 28 years of smoking is going to come back to haunt me in 5, 10 or even 15 years time.  The easiest thing to do is never start smoking in the first place so don't let your kids smoke.  I have told my daughter that if she lights up a cigarette she can pack a suitcase because I will not tolerate smoking. 

Stop Smoking Now!

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