Champix - Very Little Willpower Required

by David
(South Australia)

In 2009 I was diagnosed with emphysema after fifty years of smoking. I had tried many times to quit smoking with nicotine patches and "cold turkey" but to no avail.

I had considered trying Zyban but after hearing a few negative comments from family I decided against it. I did learn later that the side effects were not as bad as I first thought.

Eventually along came Champix. This has the ability to break down the bonds which nicotine forms with the brain. This has the advantage over nicotine replacement products which are, in my opinion, like giving a glass of brandy to an alcoholic and hoping it will cure them.

The beauty of taking Champix is that very little willpower is involved! One is even allowed(almost encouraged) to smoke during the first couple of weeks while taking the first tablets.

Within the first week however, I was amazed to find that I didn't want another cigarette. I had finally stopped smoking after fifty years. It has now been three years since I quit smoking and surprisingly I do not even want a cigarette. If you really want to give up smoking then see your GP who will probably be only too willing to put you onto Champix.

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